Välkommen till en heldag med konst, musik, mat, måleri, dans och allt ihop gör konstnärer från kreatörskollektivet Konstjord och besökare tillsammans. Här suddas gränsen ut lite mellan vem som är skapare och vem som är betraktare!


Om SLOW och om Konstjord

Konstjord is a creative space for encounters between people and different forms of expression, materials and techniques. All in a spirit of sharing and testing. We want to be a meeting point contributing to the increasingly vibrant new part of Sickla that is emerging, and we also wish to build a strong relationship to the rest of Nacka and Stockholm. This is why we invite you to visit this fantastic place of ours, where, during one day, we will share our various passions and try out new ways of doing things together. You will meet a number of artists from many worlds: film, writing, graffiti, dance, photography, music and even the culinary. Our event will be interactive with workshops, live broadcast of podcasts and painting on the first curated street art Wall. We have chosen SLOW as this day’s theme, wanting our space to be a chill one where time is suspended. Visitors will be able to relax, appreciate the moment and explore themselves through various activities. Welcome to join us, at any point of the day!


This event is sponsored and supported by:
Highlights Nacka Kommun
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